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My Story

The super short version

I was the good girl doing everything by the book, good grades, good job etc, ending up feeling numb and empty. I used to be a big time spender, then I became a super saver, saved my way into a broken relation, and then I started healing my relationship with money and realized it was actually never about the money. I also used to be a very unconscious slut, then I barely had any sex as that is "what happens" after years in a relationship. So I also started healing my relationship with my body and my sexuality and realized that sex and my sexuality is life force energy, and today I would call myself a conscious slut.

Now, I am here to support you in your healing process whether that means becoming a millionaire, a multi orgasmic sex lov or choosing celibacy.

The slightly longer story

Growing up I learned, like som many others, from family, friends and society, that money is hard, rich people are greedy and that sex is something that mostly just men want and that it is actually not that important as it always kind of disappears in a long term relationship . I was the good girl, so I got good grades. Don't get me wrong I loved school and I still love learning, but my good grades was not only about loving school it was a way for me to get attention. Also, I had a great childhood, but that doesn't mean that I was not exposed to thoughts and beliefs that limited me or conditioning that I still need to work on. In high school I got a scholarship to study abroad and after high school I knew my next step was University and there I also got to study abroad. Still today I am tremendously grateful for all I got to experience. I've always been the good girl, until a few years ago. 

With my bachelors degree in civil engineering, masters degree in entrepreneurship and business design (yes, I did change my intended masters degree in civil engineering after taking two years off working and traveling) I was eager to start working. Being driven I wanted a challenge and I started working as management consultant right after graduation.  I worked there for a few years and loved it in many ways. Then it came creeping, this feeling that I missing out in life. I had everything; a fun and challenging career that paid well, a boyfriend that loved me, a nice apartment etc etc etc, but I just didn't feel alive anymore.


It came to the point where I couldn't do it anymore. I quit my job, started a new job, broke up with my boyfriend, found a new place live, decided after being let go after six from the new job (not as dramatic as it may sound) to take a sabbatical and find myself. This all happened within about 8-9 months. For any astro-fan reading, yes this was during my saturn return (which I didn't know back then though).


During my sabbatical I traveled, I fell in love again, got my heart broken several times, I did a yoga teacher training, became a personal trainer and lived more free than I ever had. Started a new exciting job when I was ready and around that time I found a coach and since then my life has never been the same. This was just over 3 years ago, the summer of 2019.


Through this deep journey I discovered a connection with my body I didn't know possible. I started healing my relationship with my body, with myself, my sexuality and  with money. Since then I have always know that I want to pay it forward. Today I feel and see my life expand in every possible way , with better sex, deeper love and relationships, more money - I feel alive, free and abundant. You can have that too, or something else, what ever it may be.


I want you to have what you desire and live your dream life.  I've gone from feeling numb and empty to creating and living my own dream.  I know you can do that too. It will require you to stretch yourself, it will require you to go deep, to find things within you that you may not like but you will get to a point where you accept them too. I am here to support you all the way through. I got you. And you got you. 

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