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Fall in Love with your Money

Heal your relationship with money and become truly rich

3 months of Money mindset, Investing and Cash Flow to change your relationship with money

This program is currently closed for enrollment - possibly opening up Fall 2023

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What you will receive

Weekly practices

Weekly coaching calls

Sisterhood & community

Tips and trix

Program Overview

BLOCK 1 - Thoughts & Beliefs (Money Mindset)

In the first block we explore limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears around money to start understanding how our mind affects our current life.

BLOCK 2 - Money Growth (Saving & Investing)

In the second block we dive into the actual financial and you will be fully supported in structuring your financial situation and develop your investment strategy.

BLOCK 3 - Your Vision (Flow & Abundance)

In the third and last block we put together what we have explored in the first two blocks and we work with your vision to create the money future of your dreams.

moneyQ-1 (1).jpg


€ 555 - pay in full

€  222 / month - 3 months payment plan

 111 / month - 6 months payment plan

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