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Deeper love. Better sex. More money.

You deserve it and you can have. But once you go there you can never go back. Or you can but you'll probably don't want to. Did you know that many of us, me included, fear what will happen if we actually got what we desire? We tend to stand in our way, but not even see it ourselves. So, do you want to move past that and actually get what you desire? If the answer is no, I absolutely understand, because it is not an easy so thank you for your honesty. If the answer is yes, well then let me know what I can do for you. 


"I joined this course with the aim of healing my relationship with money and really start to believe that I am worthy of making lots of it. I appreciated the mix between practices, mindset and the numbers. The group calls were a warm place to share with others on the same journey. And last but not least; Ida gave us so much energy and inspiration during this course"


You are worthy of receiving better sex, more money and deeper relationships!

You are worthy of getting what you desire. You are worthy of all the money and all the sex that you want. And honestly, I just want to support you through this because I know firsthand how messy this journey can be and how invaluable a coach is to take you through the highs and the lows.

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