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How to manage "poor January"

This month is, at least in Sweden, called "poor January". The reason for is it that we have usually spent more money during the holidays than we spend during a regular month and it is also two days extra between salaries (receiving it the 23rd of December instead of 25th). There are loads of tips on how to manage your money to make it through, most of them missing the foundation, which as I see it, is your relationship with money.

Being rich has almost all to do with feeling rich and nothing to do with the actual money you have (there are of course exceptions but they are very few). I know millionaires who are not rich, according to me, and I know people making way less than the average salary in Sweden who I would say are very rich. But more on that another time. What can you do right now to start feeling rich and start being rick already now? Understanding your current relationship with money and start changing it and my tip is to reflect and write about it.

First of all, take out your journal or a piece of paper and free write around the questions below.

Understand more about your current relationship with money:

  • How do I feel when I think about money?

  • What do I believe about money?

  • What have I been taught about money?

  • What do I believe about rich people?

  • Why is money important to me?

  • Who or what am I blaiming for my financials?

Start to create a new relationship with money:

  • What makes me feel rich?

  • What makes me feel abundant?

  • In what areas in my life do I feel rich and abundant?

  • How do I want to feel about money?

  • How can I love my money deeper?

  • What does a loving relationship with money look like for me?

As always, I would love to know what comes up for you. If you want some more insights about your specific situation, you can send me a question on the link below and I will come back with a blog post or a video. It is of course anonymous.

Questions with Ida

Ps. If you want to explore your money mindset and upgrade your relationship with money, I recommend my self-paced program Money Mindset Journey, which currently is 50% off with the code: RICHJANUARY. On top of that I also offer some free programs, which you also do in your own pace. Links below.

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Free programs (Daily Money Reflections & Money Story Challenge)

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