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I just want everyone to know they can have the ecstatic, life changing sex life they dream of

Finally it became so clear. Finally all the pieces came together and I could put words to something that has been making me doubt and feel like a mess. I could put words to my why - my why of continuing the path as a sex coach.

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have, and partly still am, going through a period of doubt (even though things become more and more clear each day) of my future career. Do I continue in the field of investment? Do I ramp up my coaching business and what should I then focus on, money or sex or relationships? Do I quit my side gig as a group fitness instructor and trainer? Etc. etc. I am fully aware that it is truly a champagne problem to even have these kinds of doubts and questions, I mean - what of all the fun things that I work with do I really want to do? And yes, I am more than grateful for all the opportunities that I have (which I have also created for myself).

Currently my career within investing is kind of just opening up more and more without me putting any hard work into it. What I mean by this is that I do my job, and I'm pretty good at it, but it is just that new opportunities are just flowing into my life without me chasing them at all. It all just comes easy to me. While as a coach I feel like the work is so fucking hard and nothing comes easy. But I still have had a hard time fully letting go of the coaching. Yes, of course part of that is the fact that I haven't really been able to give it a fair full try as it is still just a side hustle and of course shutting it down completely scares me because I ask myself it that would mean that I am a failure? But to be honest it is not like it is thriving today, but also how could it when I have a full time job and few other side gigs and then working to finish the latest coaching training I have been taking.

Then yesterday in the car, without being talked about it just hit me: I want everyone to know that they can have the heart opening, pleasure filled, ecstatic, healing sex that they dream of and then I want them to actually have it. I want everyone to know that sex gets to be magical and that it is available to everyone. Because I am convinced that it is, simply because I myself have done the journey and I have witnessed so many others doing the journey as well. The journey never looks the same and also it never ends, it just keeps on opening up for more pleasure, more joy, more love, more intimacy and really just more life.

By having these words coming to me I finally realized that I kind of have been clinging on to my coaching business while what I needed was to just surrender to allow pleasure to flow to me. As if surrender was easy, it's not. But I know that surrender is one of the keys to the magic life changing of sex and if I have learned to create a sex life beyond my wildest dreams I know I can create a business that supports you and everyone else to experience the sex, the money and the relationships beyond your wildest dreams too.

Happy, sexy, sunny Sunday

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