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Projecting old patterns on new situations

When journaling this morning about some challenges that has been arising on and off lately I realized that I am projecting parts of my old relationship patterns on to my current relationship. It has been bringing me to a scarcity mode and to place of where I feel like I'm stuck.

It is not as if I got this fully solved, figured out and released just by journaling, for me that usually takes more work, especially with patterns that are deeply embedded in me. But the first step is the realization that old shit is being projected on new situations creating new/old shit that doesnt really belong, but that somehow create a feeling of safety. Then it is about acceptance and that is usually really tough, but it gets easier with time and practice. And lastly it is about releasing/integrating it. But how do you get to that first step, the realization that you are projecting old patterns or parts of yourself onto another situation or relationship? Below are a few journaling questions that I use myself as well as with clients.

  • What happens inside of me in this situation/relationship?

  • What do I feel in this situation/relationship?

  • At what other times have I been feeling similar to this?

  • What fear is hiding behind this?

  • What am I really afraid of?

  • What part of myself am I rejecting?

  • What do I really long for in this?

  • How is this situation/relationship is making me feel safe?

  • What am I making this mean?

When you journal, let the pen flow and dont bother if you are going in different directions. If you are not used to journaling, getting into it may take time, so give it a few times to try. Lastly remember to trust yourself and your own capabilities. Let me know how it goes!

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