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When are you ever going to prioritze sex?

What is the spontaneous response that comes up when you ask yourself that question? Your answer might be "Why would I?" or "Later, when I have more time" or "When I feel like having sex again"

I don't know about you, but I grew up learning that sex is not really important and also that after a few years in a relationship the sex will basically be gone. Well, no wonder that we are so unhappy today. I actually googled and found sites indicating studies showing that couples having sex once a week is happier than couples having sex less often than once a week. While science is important I believe that when it comes to sex and relationship there are so many unknowns and you do have to try yourself to figure out what is best for you and what makes you most happy.

In the beginning of a relationship sex often "just happens", the sexual energy is high, we are so in love and everything is easy. Then after a while we tend to get back to our regular daily life, which for most of us is pretty busy and when the sex doesn't "just happen" anymore it tends to fade away.

Here are some questions to work with, both individually and together:

  • How do I want my/our sex life to look like?

  • Why do I/we want to prioritize sex?

  • What do I /we want to experience/feel/be?

I am convinced that you can always find your way back to great sex and find your way to even better sex than you are experiencing/have experienced. Yes it will require work - honestly it might the most transformative work there is, but wow the outcome is ecstatic.

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