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When did scary Halloween become sexy Halloween?

Been seeing quite a few posts and stories about this the last week. The focus has been on women choosing to dress up sexy during this occasion. Well, my question right back is when will we be allowed to be sexy and still be taken seriously? And I mean both during Halloween and in our daily life.

I believe that if we were celebrated and honoured in our sexiness and our sexuality it wouldn't be a big deal if someone dressed up sexy during Halloween or any other time for that matter. It would just be another occasion to celebrate ourselves. More importantly I also believe we would all be so much happier if we dared to embrace our sexuality, I know it has made a huge different in my life simply taking a few steps.

From an early age we are taught to hide our bodies, to hide our sexuality and that being sexually explorative is slutty and being slutty is a bad thing. We are taught to surpress our sexuality, almost act as if it doesn't exist and if you would ever say that you have a great sex life after a few years in a relationship almost no one would believe you.

So what happens when we are not allowed to express our sexuality? Well, where do we begin? ;) I believe this affects us a humans and us as a society in so many ways, although I guess it might be difficult to prove it scientifically. One thing I believe happens is that when we are not allowed to express our sexuality fully some of us will take an opportunity like Halloween to dress up sexy as we feel that it is more okay to do it with a costume, while others will judge those choosing the costume, maybe just because it triggers their own longing to be sexy.

I just wished we could celebrate ourselves and others in our sexiness everyday, for the pure pleasure of expressing it.

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