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Sacred Expansion

Money, Love, Sex and Soul

The group experience to shed layers, to peel off what doesn't serve you anymore and give more space for more of who you truly are. You will be guided to deeply in love with yourself, to feel it all and to set yourself free.

This program is currently closed for enrollment


For the woman who

Desires to create a rich life

Longs to feel more love

Aspire (more) delicious sex

Feels like she is too much

Is afraid of her feelings

Fear to touch her body

Wants to feel safe inside herself

Craves to feel more alive

Is curious to transform


NOT for the woman who

Wants to heal deep complex trauma

Does not want to expand

Wants to continue living a "half-full" life

What you will receive

Monthly practices

Monthly lectures & coaching calls

Accountability sisters


Monthly themes 

1. Self Love & Responsibility

2. Body Love

3. Presence

4. Pussy Love

5. Money Love

6. Building Habits

7. Cash Flow

8. Investment Strategy

9. Sexual Expansion

10. Soul Journey

11. Next Level You

12. Queendom Creation

13. Love of Life & Trust



€ 2222 - pay in full

€ 844 / month - 3 months payment plan

€ 422 / month - 6 months payment plan

€ 222 / month - 12 months payment plan

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